Plus ça change ... (1)

This is a public service announcement ... (2)
I Have recently been putting a lot of my older work onto my computer, so when the people at clikpic who host my site increased the number of pictures I could include, I decided it was time to revamp my site. I'm also taking the opportunity to slightly increase the size of the images on the site and to provide more information about them.

All this means that I'm working through my pictures from the oldest to the newest and posting the ones I select to the site. As I've got about 9,000 pictures to choose from this will take some time and it won't be until I get towards the end that I'll know whether I've chosen too many (and will have to go back and delete some) or too few (and will have to go back and pick some more).

I could get all the pictures ready and then make the changes all at once, but that really isn't my style. So I've put a few of the oldest pictures onto the site already. I should get up to the millennium in the next few days, but after that it will get more complicated as I'll have more pictures to take off as they get replaced.

Anyway, I'd just like to apologise if anything isn't quite right on the site until I've finished work on it. In the meantime I've included a drawing I made at (and of) school - I'm sorry it's a little dark, but they didn't provide us with very good quality paper!

(1) I couldn't pass on the opportunity to (nearly) complete the quotation. (And I'm grateful to the spellchecker which saved me from working out how to add a cedilla)(3)
(2) As they say
(3) I've now found out that to show a small c with a cedilla in HTML I need to type ç or ç.

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