Making Life Different for 30 Years - 18

In 2003 and 2004 the Croydon Life Drawing Group were lucky enough to have two pregnant models - Roberta and Gabriella who is the subject of this drawing. I did it on Art Spectrum pastel paper (think of coloured sandpaper and you'll get the general idea). I'd gone to A P Fitzpatrick in Bethnal Green to buy pigments and saw they were selling off this paper at £1.00 a sheet plus VAT so I thought I'd try a couple of sheets. As soon as I drew on it I was back to the shop and bought their entire stock. It is just the most incredible surface for pastels. There are just two drawbacks. The minor one is that it eats up pastels at a rate of knots. The major one is that it normally costs £5.00 a sheet - and if I know the paper I'm working on is that expensive I end up being tentative and tight. So since I used up my supply I haven't bought any more.

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