The leaning tower of Croydon

Let me put you straight...
For the past couple of weeks I've been plodding away at the two earlier paintings in the series. I did have a problem with the one of myself and Gerry when I realised I'd got the Threepenny Bit Tower in the background at an angle. It still isn't quite right but I'm getting there. I also need to darken the shadows in the painting of Gerry and do some general tidying up and strengthen the drawing (note that I've done the drawing in crimson rather than black - I might change it to green which will involve more overpainting)

The painting of Gerry and Keira isn't so far advanced but it's developing more quickly. I'm still smoothing out the underpainting to a certain extent but I found I was heading too soon towards the final colour scheme of Gerry predominantly green and Keira in reds and pinks so in the last session I reversed the colours and put warm colours into the painting of Gerry and cool colours into the painting of Keira. That way I can see more easily what I'm doing as I overpaint.

Gerry and Keira 07-03

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