Working on different lines

Keira and Ursula (detail) - 4 February
"I wonder what will happen if..."
I must be careful about having bright ideas. It occurred to me that it might be easier and quicker to finish my paintings if, when I was building up the texture, I laid the paint on more regularly instead of at random. So last week I got back to work on my painting of Keira and Ursula, initially laying the paint on along the forms, but in a few areas round the forms too.

I'm actually surprised at how different it looks. Hopefully I'll be able to get the texture building stage finished next week and then see if it does make any difference to how easy it is to paint over with a brush.

The only problem is that if it does work I'll really need to develop a new style of drawing. I've always used used colour and light and shade to show form - this method will require more information on the form to come from the line.

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