Progress report

I finally got round to taking a photo of my painting of Keira and Ursula yesterday. (Even then it was only on my phone so apologies for the quality - I'd packed my best camera away before I remembered I wanted a photo of the painting.)

What I have done is to block in the painting using approximately the colours that I will end up with. I need to do this because the way I then put on the paint would leave spots of white showing through. I have then started dribbling strings of paint over the painting - I will take one of the sketches I have made and use them to show what colour to apply to what area of the painting. At this stage I am varying the colours - mostly so I can see what I am doing. This stage of the painting is as much about building up texture as colour.

Having got this far I've now put this painting on one side while I push on with the first two paintings in the series - more about this later.

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