Why a blog

A somewhat romantic life study done at my studio last week
I try to explain why I have decided to add a blog to this website
I've never been a diary person - I'm not very good at keeping an engagement diary, and I've never wanted to keep a record of my actions and thoughts (or perhaps I've always been scared of too much introspection).

So why start a blog?

Well a couple of months ago I wanted to show Alice Roberston how easy it was to use a blog as a way of getting an internet presence for her Wapping Life Drawing Group. As a demonstration, I produced a blog for my Croydon Group, and once you have started you have to go on (there is nothing sadder than the blog that tails off almost before it began - the web equivalent of the diary with no entries after 10 January).

I discovered that (as with everything) there are pros and cons. In its favour I was having to produce work that I was happy to show and to think about what I was doing. However, against this I've already found it has limitations - particularly it only focused on one part of my artistic activity. So I've decided to move my efforts at blogging onto my website, and to see what happens.

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