making pastels


For making the binder you will need –

Measuring jug
Measuring spoons
Measuring cups
Mixing bowl
Jelly bag
Bottles (I use 500 ml and 1.5 ml water bottles)

For making the pastels you will need –

Smooth, hard work surface (I use a white melamine coated tabletop)
Dust mask (very important – working with dusty powders is a health hazard. However, as the mask is so uncomfortable, as soon as I’ve mixed my dough it comes off)
Strong palette knife
Newspaper (you can use newsprint or blotting paper, but newspaper is just as good)
Jars to store pigments &c. – I use old coffee jars
Kitchen towels to clean up
Surgical gloves to keep your hands clean – you will also want to wear old clothes as you are likely to get them dirty and stained

A pestle and mortar or a muller and slab are useful but not essential (some pigments such as alizarin crimson are reluctant to mix with the binder; grinding them together with the pestle or the muller is the easiest way to mix the dough).